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Underwater Scooter

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The underwater scooter is a cool, relatively new gadget that allows divers and other users to get their Jacques Cousteau on. Unlock your inner diver with a device that looks like it comes straight out of a spy film.

This aquatic device slightly resembles a small desktop fan but don’t let the size fool you. This scuba gear packs a punch and many models can reach speeds of up to almost four miles per hour under normal use. With the underwater scooter, you can jet through miles of ocean without all of the effort required for swimming that same distance.

This fun water toy is lightweight, with most variations weighing in at around ten pounds, easy to carry and extremely portable. Just throw it in your luggage and you’re off for a weekend getaway filled with amusing water adventures. The underwater scooter is easy to control too. Simply hold on to side frame handles as you swim through scenic reefs, interesting fish species, and awesome aquatic views. Just be careful you don’t scare off any mermaids or you may have to answer to King Poseidon.

The typical underwater scooter has a run time of approximately two hours on a heavy duty, efficient lithium-ion battery. Charge time is only about two hours as well so downtime is minimal and you can get back to the business of looking cool quickly. Speeds and charge times may vary under some swimming conditions so be sure to check the operator’s manual to get the most out of your new toy. The sea scooter is perfect for swimmers, snorkelers, scuba divers and geeks who just want to pretend to be an underwater James Bond for the day.

No matter your reason for using it, this aquatic accessory also helps you burn less energy and use less of your valuable oxygen. No more kicking your legs furiously as you struggle to keep up with the other show off swimmers. Just zoom by them and smile as they overexert themselves and pathetically flaunt their athletic prowess. Buy one for a friend and the fun is multiplied.

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