iPad Karaoke Machine

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Are you an Apple fanboy and a karaoke fanatic? If you are, you can now meld your two passions into one with this fun and entertaining iPad karaoke machine.

karaoke machines have been around for years. But the regular machines you grew up with that you connect to your TV starts to get a bit outdated because of the past year’s technological innovations. And they aren’t so practical either because you can’t, for example, bring the 50″ TV with you on the camping trip. So now some brilliant brains have come up with the idea of displaying the karaoke lyrics on the iPad instead of the TV.

With this karaoke machine, you can easily dock your iPad just by attaching your device to the machine’s bracket. Once your device is connected, you can play any track you want to sing to and use any karaoke app you want. You can also connect up to two microphones to the machine and you can easily adjust the audio with the machine’s built-in audio controls.

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