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Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl

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The Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl is the perfect pet if you’re a very busy geek and don’t have time to feed and clean up after real goldfishes!

It’s very relaxing and comforting to have a cute little goldfish swimming around and around in a goldfish bowl all day long on your desk. And compared to other pets it doesn’t need so much food and attention. For many who are allergic to fur and who have a busy schedule, the goldfish is the perfect pet.

But if you’re one of those geeks who have a very, very busy schedule and find it difficult to feed a goldfish once a day and clean the bowl once a week, we have some good news for you! You can now get your very own electronic goldfish in a bowl that doesn’t need food, cleaning or attention at all!

It only swims around just like a real goldfish inside the goldfish bowl-looking jar and it looks so real that your friends will think it’s a real goldfish! Just add batteries and fill the jar with H2O (which isn’t included) and the electronic goldfish will immediately start to create a relaxing atmosphere as it swims and swims, around and around inside his jar.

The jar even have multi-LED light show effects so you can enjoy the fish in the dark!

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