Butt Face Soap

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Never confuse the soap bar you’re using on your nether regions with the soap bar you’re using on your face again with the Butt & Face Soap bars! But you should be aware of trolls that intentionally use them wrong.

Are you afraid of cleaning your beautiful face with the same soap bar that has been in your dirty butt or that someone else has used to clean their nasty nether regions with? If you are, the solution is here. Say goodbye to smear the same soap that has been inside your or someone else’s ass crack on your face because with these real full-sized Butt-and- Face soap bars you’ll always know where the bars has been!

It’s nearly impossible to pick the wrong soap bar because their area of usage are both imprinted on the bars and they do also have different colors so no one gets confused about which body parts they should be used on.

If you are very careful about your personal hygiene, this is an absolute must-have, especially when there are more people than yourself that are using the same soap.

The only thing you should be aware of is trolls that intentionally use them wrong to spread their ass through the ecosystem.

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