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23 Cool Lunch Boxes for Adults That Will Make Food Taste Better

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Looking for a cool lunch box or bag for yourself or as a gift to someone? These are the best novelty lunch boxes that are as practical as they are unique.

Adults need to eat lunch too, and you need a lunch box to carry it. Then why not do it in style? Check out the selection for the coolest lunch box designs ever!

Hamburger Lunch Bag

Hamburger lunchbox #giftidea

You don’t have to stuff it with burgers, though.

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WWE Women’s Money In The Bank White Lunch Box

WWE Women's Money in The Bank White Lunch Box #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

Consider you’ve won this fair and square.

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The Beatles Limited Edition Lunch Box

Vandor 72970 The Beatles Limited Edition White Album Large Tin Tote, 9 x 3.5 x 7.5 Inches #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

Unique classy tin lunch box.

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Pac-Man Large Tin Lunch Box

Vandor 69070 PAC-MAN Large Tin Tote, Multicolored #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

From the Pac-Man inspired gift list.

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Han-Gry Lunch Box

The Tin Box Company 354707-DS The Tin Box Novelty Large Tin Lunchbox, and White Featuring Han-Gry Art, Black #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

That’s what hangry means.

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Scooby-Doo Lunch Box

Thermos Novelty Lunch Kit, Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

Ride the nostalgy train.

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Darth Vadar Helmet Lunch Box

Thermos Novelty Lunch Kit, Darth Vadar Helmet #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

For the Star War fan who has embraced the dark side.

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Star Wars R2D2 Lunch Box

Star Wars R2D2 Tombstone Novelty Lunch Kit #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

Your little fella will come to the aid come lunchtime.

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Retro Boombox Radio Lunch Box

Retro Boombox Radio Lunchbox Tin Tote #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

Retro tin tote that looks just like a retro boombox.

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Emergency Lunch Box

Mustard Food Storage Lunch Box Cookie Tin #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

Your aid in case of lunchtime emergency.

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Gameboy Lunch Box

Mustard Bento Lunch Box with Compartments, Food Storage Containers for Kids and Adults #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

The 90s generation will appreciate this.

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Today’s Menu Lunch Box

1900ml Double Layer Microwave Lunch Box Leakproof Letter Printed Novelty Black Food Storage Plastic Container Tableware Supply #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

The lunch box with your menu.

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Stainless Steel Lunch Box

LunchBots Bento Trio Large Stainless Steel Food Container #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

Classy and neat stainless steel box for people who mean business.

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Kate Spade Out to Lunch Bag

Kate Spade New York Lunch Tote, Deco Dots (Out To Lunch), Canvas #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

This cute lunch box is made of a coated linen cloth exterior in a black dot print with saying, “out to lunch”.

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Trendy Lunch Bag

Fluf Zipper Lunch Bag, Organic Cotton (Grey 'lunch') #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

It’s reusable, it’s organic, it has “lunch” written on it – it’s all that a trendy lunch bag needs.

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Biohazard Lunch Box

CafePress #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

When what you eat is a biohazard.

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Meat Parade Metal Lunch Box

Archie McPhee Accoutrements Meat Parade Metal Lunch Box #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

Calling all carnivores, it’s time to march in the meat parade.

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Spam Lunch Box

Aquarius Spam Large Gen 2 Tin Storage Fun Box #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

It’s the kind of spam you want.

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We Can Do It Lunch Box

Aquarius Smithsonian Rosie The Riveter Gen 2 Tin Storage Fun Box #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

Women power!

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Bob Ross Happy Tree Lunch Box

Aquarius Bob Ross Happy Tree Large Gen 2 Tin Storage Fun Box #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

It’s not what you think. Or maybe it is.

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Amp Lunch Box

Aquarius Fender Amp Large Gen 2 Tin Storage Fun Box #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

For the musician.

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Bigfoot Lunch Box

Accoutrements 12493 Bigfoot Lunchbox, Multi #lunchbox #gifts #giftideas

Great gift for the Sasquatch searcher in your life.

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E.M.T. Lunch Tote

Human organ lunchbox #giftideas

Fred’s E.M.T. insulated tote will keep your precious goods prepped, and ready to transplant right into your waiting stomach

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These lunch boxes are so cool they make food taste better. Great as gifts! #lunchbox #giftideas #gifts