The 14 Coolest Lava Lamps That Are Probably Made With Magic

These are the coolest lava lamps you can get for yourself (to decorate your home) or as a gift to someone you care about. Check these out for some magic!

Lava lamps, also known as liquid lamps, are lighting devices that bring a bit of science to your home. The lamps are filled with a fluid that usually contains a fluorescent mineral that glows when warmed or agitated. The lamps are a 1960s design that has made a comeback in recent years as a way to add a bit of retro-cool to your home.

Lava lamps are really cool, and they make the perfect gift. They’re available in a variety of different styles, so whether you’re looking for something for your home or the office, you’re sure to find something cool. Some of the more popular styles include lava lamps with LED lights or ones that are shaped like characters from your favorite video games.

The Original Lava Lamp

Lamp Lava 2149 14.5-inch, Decal Colormax, Color

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This Lava Lamp is perfect! The package includes 1 nifty lava lamp and you really get the full experience. It looks cool, it’s timeless, and if placed in a room you can see how it works right away.

Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp

Electric Jellyfish Tank Table Lamp With Color

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The Electric Jellyfish tank is a cool looking lamps that can light up in many colors. The design is a closer reproduction of what people are comfortable with. They’re easy to use and even have an advanced chare system.

Northern Light Lava Lamp

Lamp 2160 Lva2160 Colormax Northern Lights,

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The Northern Lights version of the original lava lamp.

Aiscool Night Light Bluetooth Speaker

Aiscool Night Light Bluetooth Speaker, 3d Glass

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It’s a 3 level warm light that can be turned to night light or it’s a 3D glass night light speaker with multiple available lighting effects. She changes color no matter what you choose. The photo model in this product has three settings.

Shrek Night Lamp

The Green Monster Shrek Night Lamp Dc Series Comic

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I like the way this cool lava lamp looks. What makes it unique is that it has a nice 3D effect design which is really cool to see.

Ocean Wave Projector

Ocean Wave Projector, Night Light Lamp With

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A mother giving her child a nightlight that will not be too bright and have warm, calming light that fits their sense of aesthetics.

Laser Star Projector

Laser Star Projector, Lupantte Moon Projector, Usb

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This projector creates a cool laser beam of stars and galaxy sky that provides a great living room or home decoration. It can transform your place into a dreamy world of relaxation with soothing auroral lights in the tranquil purple hue.

Galaxy Lamp

Brightworld Moon Lamp Kids Night Light Galaxy Lamp

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What makes our product a great lava lamp for any gift-giving occasion is that it changes colors with the ambient light, showcasing an array of stunning results. It is simple to operate with controls that are conveniently located on the lamp.

Plasma Ball

Katzco Plasma Ball - 7 Inch - Nebula, Thunder

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The Plasma Ball is a cool lava lamp. The plasma ball has two interactive modes. In the first mode, the users ought to touch and move their fingers to interactively change colors. From the second mode the views will also react to sound.

Glitter Motion Lamp

Jambo 16-inch Motion Lamp (rainbow Glitter, 16") I

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“Strike a balance between class and intrigue with this fancy Glitter Lamp. Impress your guests with the incredible fluorescent Neon Rainbow Glitter emitting from this lamp, shimmering off of floating motes of glitter.

3D Crystal Ball with Solar System Model

3d Crystal Ball With Solar System Model, 80mm

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Earth and some of the other planets in our solar system are inside a giant crystal ball. The size of the ball is 3″ wide, so you can hold it in your hand. The 7 colors on the base make time pass faster.

Colorful Floor Lamp

Floor Lamp, Chiphy 61" Tall Lamps, 7 Colors

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A cool lava lamp has the brilliancy of the bright colors, with sleek and slender structure. With 7 different color choices and 3 colorful hues in each mode, it is so perfect to adjust the brightness and temperature to fit any individual.

Moon Lamp

Brightworld Moon Lamp Moon Night Light 3d Printed

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When you touch the metal button, the color of your lamp will either be warm or cool. The texture on this lamp makes it seem like a mountainous place from what we see in NASA satellite data. It would make for an awesome decoration.

Naruto Lamp

Anime Cartoon Comic Naruto Uchiha Sasuke Itachi 3d

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Lava lamps make for a great nightlight; they’re something that everyone is familiar with because of their aesthetic–simply put, this lava lamp is such an iconic product it makes for a cool gift!

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