The Top 11 Super Mario Gift Ideas for All Nintendo Fans

If you’ve run out of gift ideas for the Super Mario fan in your life, fear not! We’ve got you covered with a list of awesome gift ideas that will make any Mario fan jump for joy.

We’ve got something for every kind of gamer, from the Mario lover who is a little on the young side, to the hardcore Mario master who is still playing the same classic Mario games he loved as a kid.

Whether you’re shopping for a video game enthusiast, a video game collector, or a fan of the Super Mario franchise, you’ll find something on our list of Super Mario gifts that they’ll love. Many of the items on our list are relatively inexpensive, but they’re also fun and functional. This means they’re great for anyone on your shopping list, whether they’re a geeky person, a nostalgic gamer, or even just someone who appreciates a good gaming joke.

Here's what you will find:

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Super Mario Uno Game

Uno Super Mario, You, Super Mario Bros, And A Game

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Unless you’re playing your “arm off”, likely there will come a time when the task of counting all the cards in a deck feels more wearying than gamey. This relief methods includes two different customizable control type cards.

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Super Mario Brothers Plush Slippers

Super Mario Brothers Boys Plush Slippers (large /

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Super Mario slippers kids size 11-12 offer a customer’s child the opportunity to add a favorite character to their casual lifestyle. The products are available with Super Mario, Luigi and an easy shoe size determination too!

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Nintendo Super Mario Hat

Nintendo Super Mario Odyssey Cappy Hat Cosplay

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This Cappy Hat is a stylish Mariathon merchandise that sports Mario’s iconic Cappy that will make any gamer or Super Mario superfan happy. The rubber top sports raised eyes for an awesome 3-D effect!

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Super Mario Jenga

Hasbro Gaming Jenga: Super Mario Edition Game,

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Paint your favorite Super Mario character and stack Jenga blocks to collect coins. It’s an exciting game that will test your balance skills to the limit!

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3D Mario Night Light

Ikey 3d Mario Night Light Touch Switch Table Desk

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Hello I’m testing the super mario lamp that comes in different colors for 7 months of the year and has three levels. There are other super mario lamps that have two levels, it’s just a matter of preference.

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Super Mario Brothers Collapsible Nylon Gift Basket

Super Mario Brothers Collapsible Nylon Gift Basket

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It’s easy to see why the adorable and fun Super Mario themed bucket bag would make a perfect gift for any fan of the classic video game series! Made from nylon and made with an included shoulder strap, it folds up easily.

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Mario and Luigi Figurines

Pantyshka 7 Pcs Mario And Luigi Toys Figurines –

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What you need is a Mario Bros. Super Mario Party action figure set! The premium toys have an impressive design and are made of PVC. They are just what you need for that complete set this holiday season!

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Bumkins Snack Bags

Bumkins Snack Bags, Nintendo Reusable, Washable,

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These bags are really awesome. The great thing about them is that they have a single-ply, without a cotton layer.

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Super Mario RC Kart

Super Mario 02497 Nintendo Super Mario Kart 8

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This is a remote control car that is controlled with buttons and knobs like an RC. It’s controlled with the remote in my hand and I can use it to do as many things as just press some buttons and knobs.

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Super Mario Bros ’85 Vintage T

Nintendo Super Mario Bros '85 Vintage Stars

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Looking to score some serious points with the video game lover in your life? Look no further than this officially licensed Super Mario Bros t-shirt. The t-shirt is designed with the iconic plumber figure of Mario and scrolling speech bubbles.

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Nintendo Game & Watch

Nintendo Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. - Not

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You can have a piece of Super Mario history with the new Super Mario Collectible Game and watch. Play the whole Super Mario Bros Game and save the Mushroom Kingdom. Challenge yourself by taking on “SuperMario Bros.”

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