Bear Coat for Workaholics

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The perfect coat for the workaholic! It’s the exact same bear coat as Blake from Workaholics wore in the TV series and it will definitely give you the right grizzly look while it keeps you warm!

You will freaking love this amazing bear coat! Now you can wear the same glorious coat as Blake from Workaholics wore in the popular sitcom TV series! It will give you the perfect grizzly bear look that you’ve always been looking for while it keeps you warm while you sit on your butt at work.

But its area of usage is not only limited to desk jobs. It’s also perfect as a casual wear, as an awesome coat for special occasions or you can wear it to school and make all the other students jealous as you get all the hot chicks because you look just like a bear.

But don’t wear it in the woods because then a real bear can think that you are a rival that has intruded his territory and then it can easily arise disagreements resulting in a massive bear fight. And this is something you would avoid, believe us!

Not Available 🙁

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