20 Unique Christmas Gifts for the Geek

If you have a geek in your life or you are one, you know how difficult it is to get a good thoughtful Christmas gift for them. The gift has to be cool, awesome and geeky. So here are 20 geeky gift ideas to help you out.

Drunk Santa Gift Wrap

First things first, you need an awesome gift wrap to wrap your gift. How about a drunk Santa gift wrap?

drunk santa wrap
Click the image to see the Drunk Santa Gift Wrap.

Emotionless Christmas Cards

Does your geek think Christmas is too emotional? You can skip the emotions with the emotionless Christmas cards. Have a Christmas!

have a christmas
Click the image to see the Emotionless Christmas Cards

Hidden Container Bolt

If you’re going to give money, do it properly and use this secret storage spy bolt. It will not go unappreciated.

Hidden Container Bolt
Click the image to see the Hidden Container Bolt.

Gear Ring

For that special someone give this awesome fully functional micro precision gear ring made of stainless steal and bound to awe.

gear ring
Click the image to see the Gear Ring.

Mana & Health Potion Earrings

Your lady friend will appreciate these mana and health potion earrings.

Click the image to see the Mana & Health Potion Earrings.

USB Rechargeable Batteries

A practical gift – USB rechargeable batteries for AA battery powered gadgets. As useful as it is unique.

USB Rechargeable Battery
Click the image to see the USB Rechargeable Batteries.

Planet Plates

Does your geek like astronomy? If so, present them with the set of 8 planetary plates.

Planet Plates
Click the image to see the Planet Plates.

Transformer USB Key

USB key drives are boring, but what if it was a transformer? Give this USB key to surprise.

Transformer USB
Click the image to see the Transformer USB Key

Mech Phone Holder

Speaking about robots, this elaborate assembled mech warrior phone holder is truly an awesome geeky gift.

mech phone holder
Click the image to see the Mech Phone Holder.

Nano Quadcopter

Looking for something more functional? How about an RC nano quadcopter the size of a quarter.

nano quadcopter
Click the image to see the Nano Quadcopter

Sony Playstation Messenger Bag

Old school geeks will remember the good old Sony Playstation console and it’s sleek design which is turned into this cool messenger bag.

Sony Playstation Messenger Bag
Click the image to see the Sony Playstation Messenger Bag

Fireball Shooter

What geek had never dreamed of firing fireballs with their bare hands? Give them this much wanted power and you will be the star of their Christmas.

pyro fireshooter
Click the image to see the Fireball Shooter

Self Stirring Mug

A very useful and cool gift is a self stirring battery powered mug. Spoon stirring is for losers.

Self Stirring Mug
Click the image to see the Self Stirring Mug

Jedi Bathrobe

Forget socks and sweaters, if you must give clothes, give this Jedi bathrobe as a Christmas gift.

Jedi Bathrobe
Click the image to see the Jedi Bathrobe.

World’s Strongest Coffee

Do you want to push the envelope a little bit? This is the world’s strongest coffee. Proceed carefully.

Death Wish Coffee
Click the image to see the Death Wish Coffee.

Spider Mouse

Does your geek like insects? This spider mouse will not go unappreciated.

Spider Computer Mouse
Click the image to see the Spider Mouse.

Old Book MacBook Cover

MacBooks is the trademark of a hipster geek. How do you make a MacBook even more hip? Try an old book cover for it.

Click the image to see the Old Book Cover.

Levitation Pad for Collectibles

Levitation is always approved by the geeks, and if you give them something that levitates, you gift will be approved too.

Levitation Platform for Collectibles
Click the image to see the Levitation Platform for Collectibles.


Is your geek lonely? You have a power to give them a life long friend, Wilson.

Click the image to see Wilson.

A Gift of Nothing

And finally, if they specifically told you to give them nothing. Well, do just that.

A Gift of Nothing
Click the image to see the Gift of Nothing.