Top Geek Stuff of 2014

The Awesome Geek Stuff site has hundreds and hundreds of fun, crazy, and geeky items that we’ve collected for your enjoyment. Each year thousands upon thousands of visitors like you find something that click with them and now that the year 2014 is at its very end, we’ve taken a look at what you liked this year the most. What according to you are the craziest and the most awesome geeky items on our site and perhaps the whole internet.

So without further ado, here are the top 50 geekiest items of the year 2014.

#50Mini Movie Projector

Mini Movie Projector

Forget the big, clumsy and expensive movie projectors and be amazed of the power in this fantastic mini movie projector that fits in the palm of your hand! It’s compatible with almost any device.

#49Zelda Necklace Collection

Zelda Necklace Collection

It’s not safe to go out there alone. Take one of these.

#48Secret Compartment Water Bottle

Secret Compartment Water Bottle

Where do you hide your precious stuff when traveling? How about a secret water bottle compartment? Just be careful don’t throw it away when you finish your water!

#47Apocalypse Tactical Tomahawk

Apocalypse Tactical Tomahawk

You need proper weapons for the zombie apocalypse and with this apocalypse tactical tomahawk you’re always prepared to battle the undead. It’s an awesome looking green combat tomahawk with a futuristic edge!

#461873 peacemaker bbq grill

1873 Colt Peacemaker BBQ Grill

The 1873 Colt Peacemaker BBQ Grill is the grill for the self-appointed barbecue master who wants to go serious about grilling and make all men in the neighborhood jealous. Grill burgers with style – grill them on a Colt.

#45slender man costume

Slender Man Costume

The Slender Man Costume is probably the creepiest Halloween costume ever. Put on the skintight suit on Halloween and stalk random unsuspecting people. They’ll most likely crap their pants when they look behind!

#44Caped Superman Boxer Briefs

Caped Superman Boxer Briefs

Look! It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s your crotch! These underpants are for real hardcore Superman fans and they have the characteristic S-logo on the front and a red Superman cape on the back.

#43Breda M37 paintball Machine Gun

Breda M37 Paintball Machine Gun

This badass paintball machine gun really get the job done! It’s a fully functional replica paintball machine gun of the Breda M37 and it can fire both 3 shot bursts and on full auto to ensure superiority in the battlefield.



A little piece of hell to be unleashed upon your friends or enemies is what the Annoy-a-tron is. Why would you wish this upon anyone? Because you can, and it’s geeky so it’s ok.

#41Giant 50 feet Solar Bag

Giant 50 Feet Solar Bag

The Giant Solar Bag measures 50 feet in length and looks like a giant burnt sausage. You fill it with air and then watch as the sun heats the air in the balloon so it rises slowly into the sky!

#40useless box

Useless Box

You’ve probably seen these boxes all around YouTube – You flip a switch, and the box closes itself. It’s a completely useless box but it’s very fascinating if you like useless machines.

#39top 10 funniest shirts

Funny Shirts

Casual shirts that everyone wears are boring. And if you use to dress yourself with these plain white t-shirts or plaid shirts, your awesomeness level are near zero because you won’t stand out from the boring crowd!

#38The Jedi Path

The Jedi Path

Learn the god side of the force with old Jedi Manual ‘The Jedi Path’ that has passed down from Jedi Master to Padawan through generations. It’s actually the only single copy that’s left!

#37Steampunk Goggles

Steampunk Goggles

Have you traveled time recently? If you’re going to do that anytime soon, you’re going to need these goggles.

#36Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Make awesome sandwiches and never stay hungry. Especially good for getting ready for lengthy gaming sessions.

#35Minecraft Light-Up

Minecraft Torch

Great news for all Minecraft fans out there who wants pre-crafted Minecraft light-up torches that produces level 14 light! Mounted to your bedroom wall, they’ll keep hostile creepers away while you are sleeping.

#34iphone multi-tool case

iPhone Multi-Tool Case

An Apple fanboy can never be prepared enough! So why not equip your most beloved gadget with a multi-tool case so you have one extra survival tool in you arsenal? Because you never know what you may encounter!

#33DragonBall Z Replica Crystal Ball

DragonBall Z Replica Crystal Ball

Collect all 7 of them and make your wish. It’s not an easy task, so make it worth it.

#32Flying Hovercraft

Flying Hovercraft

Not sure if you want to fly and take some aerial photographs, take a fishing trip on the lake, or if you just simply want to hover in your own backyard? Then there’s only one solution – The Flying Hovercraft!

#31Game of Thrones iPad Case

Game of Thrones iPad Case

Here’s one for Game of Thrones fans – and I know there are many among us – a cover for your iPad or Kindle or other tablet device. Now you can choose the house to protect your device – what will it be?

#303d Drawing Pen

3d Drawing Pen

From the wildest futuristic sci-fi novels here comes a pen you can draw real things in the year. The future is now.

#29Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl

Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl

The Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl is the perfect pet if you’re a very busy geek and don’t have time to feed and clean up after real goldfishes!


Glow Pixel

Need something geeky though not as much practical for your home decor? How about the GlowPixel – a little transparent cube that alternates random colored lights. It’s full of geeky awesomeness.

#27public toilet survival kit

Public Toilet Survival Kit

Do you use to encounter nasty and dirty public toilets or do you fear that you one day will? With the Public Toilet Survival Kit you can have a safe public toilet visit even if they have serious cleanliness issues!

#26Time Machine Tabletop Clock

Time Machine Tabletop Clock

No, it won’t let you travel in time, but this most curious mechanism is captivating to watch as it counts seconds away.

#25Underwater Pool Stool

Underwater Pool Stool

Why swim in the swimming pool when you can sit? These awesome pool stools are the perfect furnitures for your pool if you want to “pimp” it up!

#24My Zombie Plan Bracelet

The Zombie Apocalypse Charm Bracelet

When the zombie apocalypse comes only weapons will not be enough. You need charms to survive. That’s what this bracelet is all about – maximizing your chances of survival when the worst comes to worst.

#23Shit Out of Luck Survival Tool

Shit Out of Luck Survival Tool

You never know when you’re out of luck and need a survival tool. Therefore, it may be wise to always have a survival tool kit with you.

#22Invisible Man Kit

The Invisible Man Kit

There has never been a better time to get your hands on the Invisible Man Kit. Our enemies are everywhere today; we don’t know who these freaks are or what they are trying to do to us.

#21led shoelaces

LED Shoelaces

These shoelaces glow thanks to the power of LEDs. All places where it’s dark and you are wearing shoes, you will look ultra-awesome with these LED shoelaces. Your nights on the dance floor will never be the same.

#20Ghostbusters Ghost Trap

Ghostbusters Ghost Trap

Are you bothered by funny green ghosts, pink slime in your bathtub or old evil portraits who live their own lives? If you are, you could try to catch them with this Ghostbusters Ghost Trap!


Zombie Apocalypse Survival Candy

Prepare yourself for the zombie apocalypse! This survival kit includes everything you’ll need to survive a zombie apocalypse – zombie jerky, zombie skin, zombie blood and foaming candy!

#18Rock'n'roll christmas tree decorations

Rock’n’Roll Tree Decorations

Santas, angels, sleighs, tiny pigs, gingerbread and flags. There’s no end to the odd decorations we use to hang up in a tree in our living room when Christmas is approaching. It may be nice, but is it enough “rock’n’roll”?

#17JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser

JL421 Badonkadonk Land Cruiser

The JL421 Bandonkadonk is a unique recreational land cruiser or tank. It features a high degree of flexibility with room for 5, either on the exposed roof or inside the plush armored shell.

#16Im Fine Bloody T-Shirt

I’m Fine Bloody T-Shirt

Show the world that you are a real tough guy or gal with this awesome bloody ‘I’m Fine’ T-shirt. Even if you have been the victim of the worst possible accident, people around you will think you are fine!

#15worlds largest camera lens

World’s Largest Camera Lens

This MASSIVE 35 pound heavy 200-500mm zoom lens has to be the world’s largest camera lens because we haven’t seen any bigger, yet! But can you afford it?

#14The Hand Fitness Trainer

Fapping Hand Trainer

This brilliant invention, which has won the Medical Design Excellence Award, strengthens the muscles in your fapping hand to prevent injuries as Tennis Elbow and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome due to over-fapping.

#13Killer Whale Submarine

Personal Killer Whale Submarine

Always wanted to live among the killer whales deep down in the ocean? It’s not as difficult as it sounds. For only 100 grands, you can own your very own killer whale submarine and become a member of the herd!

#12aerogel 99.8 percent air

Aerogel 99.8% Air

Air mixed with gel – so incredibly simple, but still so damn fascinating. This ultralight gel is developed by NASA and used to insulate Mars Rovers. It’s light as air, stronger than steel, and can withstand high temperatures.

#11Kuratas Warrior Robot

KURATAS Warrior Robot

Have you always wanted to own your own diesel powered warbot? Now you have the chance because the Japanese has done it again! This warrior robot stands 13 feet tall and can be equiped with various weapons!


Meteorite Dinosaur Bone Gold Ring

Starting our top 10 is the meteorite/dinosaur bone/gold ring. Look at this ring, it oozes magic. A ring like this must be magic. It adds +1 constitution and +25 charisma and an ability to animate dinosaur skeletons. And it’s made of some of the most rarest materials on earth.

#9the wine bra

The Wine Bra

Now you can easily drink your favorite alcoholic beverage without anyone noticing and smuggle your wine with you wherever you go thanks to this brilliant and comfortable sports bra with a built-in bladder.

#8Astro Star Laser Projector Lamp

Astro Star Laser Projector Lamp

Bring the universe to your home. It looks absolutely magical like you’d expect the universe to look like.

#7lightsaber umbrella

Lightsaber Umbrella

If you have a passion for both lightsabers and umbrellas, you can now meld your twin love into one with this awesome lightsaber umbrella! A perfect umbrella if you’re a Star Wars or a Blade Runner fan!

#6Spider Computer Mouse

Spider Computer Mouse

This computer mouse is not for those who are afraid of spiders. But you could try to give it to a friend who has serious arachnophobia and see his reaction when he opens his gift.

#5Suit Pajamas

Suit Pajamas

Dress up like Barney from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ before you’re going to bed with this awesome silk suit pajamas! Sleeping has never been funnier or sexier!

#4z.e.r.o. zombie survival kit

Z.E.R.O. Zombie Survival Kit

If you really want to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse and can’t get enough survival gear to your collection, then you should get your hands on this badass Zombie Extermination, Research and Operations kit.

#3Apocalypse Survival Kit

Apocalypse Survival Kit

The apocalypse is coming! Prepere yourself with this apocalypse survival kit so you can defend yourself against zombies, gangs and other hostiles when the day has come! NB! No longer available.

#2Brass Knuckles with Taser

Brass Knuckle With Taser

This awesome brass knuckle with taser is the “must have” self defense weapon for the jogging geek! Give the attacker a powerful “shock therapy” with its massive 950,000 volts!

#1microwave bacon rack

Microwave Bacon Rack

And drum-roll please… The geekiest and awesomest item of the year 2014 is… the Microwave Bacon Rack! If you like to drink bacon fat or collect it for other areas of usage such as dipping pieces of bread in it or use it as lotion, what could possibly be more useful than the Microwave Bacon Rack?

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