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Check it Out! Geeky Halloween Ideas

With the Halloween just around the corner, here are some awesome geeky Halloween ideas for your home decoration and costumes for a party.

wonder woman Transform yourself into Wonder Woman this Halloween! This costume has just enough sex appeal, with a nice touch of sassy, to turn the eyes of every Bat Man out there. The DC Comics super heroine outfit includes the strapless blue and red mini-dress with star accents and logo, a fun red cape, boot tops that are red velvet and white, gauntlets, and the essential head piece with red star.

batgirl When your Halloween ideas include a party,this Batgirl costume is everything you need. Aptly termed the Secret Wishes Batgirl costume, the outfit includes glovelettes, to-die-for boot tops, the vinyl belt and the alluring eye mask. The black mini dress with yellow bat logo has an attached cape. The 100% polyester fabric ensures that all the curves are covered nicely.

batman Turn your town into Gotham City and impress the ladies with the Dark Knight Batman Costume. Muscles included for the viewing pleasure of others. The Batman jumpsuit, with muscle chest, also has attached boot tops. The headgear, the belt and the cape are included with the costume. Multiple sizes are available. This one is the Dark Knight Batman Costume with Deluxe Muscle Chest.

leia The Princess Leia Star Wars Secret Wishes Costume is a great choice to consider with your Halloween ideas. The fuller coverage will keep you warmer and the white fabric will stand out on a dark evening, but the sex appeal is still obvious. The dress is polyester and comes with the belt and the wig. The boots and the weapon are not included, but they can be purchased separately.

startrek men Every Trek enthusiast will want the Star Trek shirt that is based on the shirts worn in The Next Generation. Available in multiple colors and replicated with all of the authentic details, you will wear this shirt for more than just Halloween. Beam yourself up and grab one for your collection. Halloween is right around the corner.

harley quinn Oh my! Princess Leia will not be happy losing the spotlight! If your Halloween ideas include crazy fun, this is the costume for you. The Secret Wishes costume, Sexy Harley Quinn, comes out of Batman's Arkham City. You get the pants, top, choker, belt and glovelettes. If you love those boots, you can buy them separately.

superman You can buy a Man of Steel with the Deluxe Muscle Chest Superman costume. All you have to do is step into it. This all-inclusive Halloween option will get you to the nearest party with no time wasted on prep-work. Perfect option when searching for Halloween ideas for low maintenance guys.

startrek women The classic Star Trek series inspired this Star Trek Classic Dress for women. A simple Halloween outfit enables you to head straight to the party and get on with the fun. Boots are not included. Pair this with the Star Trek shirt for men and the two of you will blend beautifully.

thor The Thor Avengers Adult Muscle costume from Disguise Marvel's Avengers is an over-the-top Halloween costume. This costume has bells and whistles from top to bottom. The hammer and the Thor helmet are not included. Halloween ideas do not get more detailed than this costume does. Feeling like Thor is sure to bring out the beast behavior in the man that dons this costume.

zombie cleaver Halloween ideas frequently turn towards the demented, and this costume certainly qualifies. The Zombie Shop Cleaver Through Head costume is lacking in...absolutely nothing. You get the cleaver and the head, and you know you need one. Apron or other zombie accessories are sold separately. This costume is one size and fits most adults. Some adjustments can be made if necessary.

zombie 3d The Adult Zombie 3D costume is plenty freaky and horrifying enough for any Halloween ideas. Caution is advised when approaching young children and senior citizens, unless you want to be arrested or hit. The shirt, pants, hands and mask are all included. PVC bones comprise the skeletal sections and the mask includes the hair. Team up with more zombies to leave a lasting impression on your neighborhood.

skeleton cover Halloween ideas for parties should include this fun skeleton restroom door cover. The kids will love it, and grown-ups will appreciate the humor. This large poster-type accessory can be recycled every year for continued fun. Even businesses could jump in on this easy Halloween décor idea. Just don't tell them you are the one that hung it up.

eyes These little peeper eyes are great Halloween ideas for gifts AND for your own use. The three sets of lighted eyes attach to bushes and peer out at passers-by. We all love to startle people and watch their faces! Friends and family that love to decorate outdoors for Halloween would be glad to receive a set of these as gifts.

zombie topper Peel-and-stick toilet seat covers are a novel way to decorate for Halloween. When you run out of decorating accessories and are in search of new Halloween ideas, this one is sure to please. The artwork is amazingly realistic and the boys might just remember to put the lid back down because they think it's cool.

bloody curtain The Bates Motel is never far from the mind of a prankster. The bloody shower curtain incorporates the necessary Halloween horror into the bathroom. Every home needs one of these curtains to usher in the spirit of the occasion. Bathroom decor Halloween ideas are a fun way to get the kids excited for the big night.

bat Halloween window decorations are fun for both inside and outside guests. This one comes with a box for seasonal storage so it can be easily re-used for many years. The lighted bat is UL listed and requires no batteries. Suction cups are included for easy hanging. Illuminate your windows with fun Halloween lights.

ghost The eyes of this spooky little ghost will be looking out at all the children going by, and the kids are going to love it. White mini-lights outline the ghost and the colored eyes add an extra touch. The 14 x 17 inch size of this window decoration is nice for drawing attention to the house.

maple tree Halloween ideas do not always have to be scary and ghoulish. This LED lighted tree is perfect for adding fall color to your table. The autumn shades on the leaves mimic the seasonal colors and bring warmth to your color palette. The stand-alone sculpture requires 2 AA batteries which are not included.

skull A human skull replica is intriguing for all ages of people. The realistic skull appears to be grinning. These types of ideas for Halloween will allow you to use the item at any time of the year. Your teenagers will probably want to keep this guy in their bedroom until they leave home.

zombie prop Thrill the neighborhood kids with this Zombie Halloween prop. This gruesome guy is a life-size, 3D zombie that can sit out on your front lawn. He is motion activated and sound activated. With his movable arms, turning head and creepy moaning, you will be the hit of the block. A zombie crawling up out of the earth is the all-time winner of the best Halloween ideas.

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